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Top 10 Wardrobe Essentials

By Gorjus London   |   Date January 31, 2022

Wardrobe essentials - reckon you’ve got enough?!


Wardrobe essentials are always there for you. If you’re wondering about what absolute must-have clothes you’re missing, then this article is for you. If you want to add some new bits and pieces to your wardrobe, read on!

Without further ado, let’s check out the top 10 wardrobe essentials.

1: Plain White Tee

The classic…the legend. Plain white tees are obviously a wardrobe essential. Of course, plain white tees come in a variety of shapes and sizes ranging from baggy tees (look in the men’s section) to skin-tight types. 



Plain white tees go with pretty much anything, which is the point. Of course, they’re excellent for summer and go well with shorts, baggy trousers, jeans or anything else. Baggy tees with tights or leggings also rock and are very much in trend right now. 


How to Wear Plain White Tees


You can either go baggy or tucked in. Tucked in combines really well with belted trousers. Baggy works perfectly with shorts, tights and leggings. You can also go for a fitted, tighter tee or something baggier and airier. Add accessories to match - colourful for casual and metallic for smarter wear. 

2: Pumps

Pumps are the go-to flexible shoe for something smarter than trainers but still 9 to 5 comfy. Pumps may or may not have heels - the heelless types, commonly called ballerina pumps, are some of the comfiest female shoes around. 



The downside is that they don’t offer much coverage for your foot, which isn’t ideal for colder or wet weather. Another benefit to pumps is that they’re really slim and easy to chuck in a bag. So, you can take them in your handbag when you’re rocking less comfy high heels (then switch to flats/ballerina pumps for the dancefloor!)


How to Wear Pumps


We’re not sure that anyone needs to be told how to wear pumps. They look great with all types of shorts and trousers, though you probably need higher cut trousers cut off at the ankle rather than boot cut types. Pumps look great with dresses too, especially free-flowing ruffled dresses and ballerina-esque clothing.


3: Minimalist Leather Purses

Purses are a must-have, even now we’re progressing to a more cashless society. Keeping a purse ensures that your other bits and pieces are well-organised, including documents, membership and loyalty cards and cash. 


Gorjus London’s range of purses are fit for everyone and they’re all very affordable despite being manufactured to a top-class standard from excellent materials. 


How to Wear Leather Purses 


Purses are effortless accessories that work with any outfit. That’s why they’re a must-have - you don't have to worry too much about them once you’ve got a few good ones!


4: Black Shades


Sunglasses are one of those fashion accessories that never die, and they serve a practical purpose as well. There are tons of different shades around these days, ranging from novelty steampunk and psychedelic styles to oversized frames and everything in between. 


But, in terms of wardrobe essentials, classic minimalist black shades are the way to go. From Ray-Bans to Chanel, there are plenty of trim, slim classic black frames around. We’re talking real minimalist though - no tint, minimal branding, etc. 



How to Wear Black Shades


Black shades are so easy to rock, which is why they’re on the list. We’re emphasising choosing shades with minimal branding and slick designs here, perfect for black and white outfits or minimalist pastel or light colour outfits. 


5: Midi Skirts and Dresses


The midi skirt is a middle of the road dress by default (as per ‘midi’!), but they’re still very beautiful and enduringly useful when coupled with the right clothes. Midi skirts come in every colour and pattern imaginable, but as far as wardrobe must-haves go, you can’t argue with black or white. White midi skirts are superb for summer - add colourful tops to suit. Black is excellent for smarter occasions - ribbed split midi skirts are excellent for parties. 



How to Wear Midi Skirts 


Pick a style that suits your body type. Tighter dress types with fullness around the top-end and bust will suit hourglass and pear-shaped figures. Tighter bottom halves will accentuate curves. Add a belt to style the waist, and then it’s just a matter of choosing a jacket to suit!


6: Jersey LBD - Little Black Dress


The LBD is a wardrobe staple. Softer fabrics such as jersey make the classic LBD a more everyday option. Jersey is soft, warm, flexible and comfortable, and it still looks superb. There are tons of options, though, ranging from skimpier short-sleeved LBDs to thicker, longer long-sleeves. Of course, the longer and thicker the dress the more arguable it is that it qualifies for an LBD! But regardless, any and all plain black dresses are wardrobe must-haves. 


How to Wear LBDs


From tights and suspenders to leggings, LBDs are easy to combine with other clothes depending on the occasion. Small jackets look great with them, or denim over-shirts. Necklaces show up really well on black fabric, so you can go to town with those. Shoes are also open to interpretation - try trainers for a casual look, heels for smart and pumps for somewhere in between. Oh, and boots are obviously an excellent choice. Try combining some army boots or Doc Martens with an LBD!


7: Chunky Knits


Chunky knits are the ultimate winter wardrobe must-have. They come in numerous styles with knit patterns ranging from fair isle to chequered and plain, paisley, floral, argyle, Aztec and houndstooth. And then of course you’ve got plain, striped and other simpler styles. 



But, in terms of a wardrobe must-have, you can't beat a chunky grey jumper. These typically oversized jumpers can be worn with leggings or tights when you’re inside chilling, or trousers and jeans when you’re outside. You can even pair a chunky jumper with shorts if you’re looking for a transition outfit for springtime or late summer!


How to Wear Chunky Knits


Accentuating your waistline with a chunky belt works really well with oversized chunky kits. A classic pair of jeans always looks superb too. Overall, these are flexible wardrobe must-haves that work with a huge range of different clothes. 


8: Classic Coat or Trench Coat


Classic coats like funnel-neck coats, single-breasted long coats and wool or thick fabric overcoats look great in winter and autumn. They can be combined with virtually any trousers or jeans and bring a touch of classic class to any colder weather outfit. 


Trench coats don’t suit everyone but they look superb and serve a practical purpose for shutting out the winter and rain (in the case of waterproof trench coats). By fastening the belt of a trench coat, those with practically any body shape can take on an hourglass figure. 


How to Wear Classic Coats and Trench Coats


Classic coats and trench coats look superb with boots or high-waisted trousers or jeans. This accentuates their tall, vertical shape. Though they’re mostly seen as winter or cold-weather wear, lighter beige or even white lightweight classic coasts look great in the warmer months too. 


9: Tote Bags


The march of tote bags continues…these are some of the most popular bag styles today. Tote bags are just so useful and flexible, and there are so many styles. One of the more evergreen and long-lasting styles of tote bags are leather totes, like Gorjus London’s black leather tote bag. These are made from top-class leather and will last you an exceptionally long time. They also go with practically any outfit. 



How to Wear Tote Bags


Tote bags go with most outfits and are pretty self-explanatory. By taking care of your tote bag, it can last many, many years. Gorjus London’s tote bags come in multiple colours and are the perfect accessory for any must-have outfit!


10: Blazers


Last but never least, blazers are a superb all-purpose wardrobe item that provides flexibility for both smart and casual occasions. Smarter tailored blazers can still suit more casual outfits when you put them over a plain t-shirt. 


Casual blazers in lighter shades look great with smart casual outfits, combining with tailored trousers and jeans to build an easy smart-casual look. Throw some black pumps on and grab your tote bag and you’re good to go!


How to Wear Blazers


Blazers work with jeans, chinos or shorts. For a casual look, sling on a graphic print t-shirt. Boots, trainers, pumps, trainers…they all work with blazers too. Of course, it does depend on the blazer - formal types won’t work with casual trainers (or will they?!) 

Summary: 10 Wardrobe Essentials

Wardrobe essentials - it means so many things! This is Gorjus London’s top 10 take, and we think we’ve done a decent job. There’s some of the expected, some of the unexpected - plenty for everyone!


Get rocking those plain white tees, pumps, LBDs and chunky knits!


FAQ: Wardrobe Essentials


What is the number 1 wardrobe essential?


It's got to be plain white and plain black t-shirts, as well as vests, long sleeves, anything just plain black and white. Works with everything - say no more!


How do I upgrade my wardrobe? 


There are tons of ways to repurpose your clothes and bring new life to your wardrobe, Start with what you already have, then think about adding new pieces. 


What is the best wardrobe upgrade?


Accessories are the best way to upgrade your wardrobe. Any outfit can be transformed by accessories - and they can be pretty cheap too.