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17 Things You Should Always Keep in Your Handbag

By Gorjus London   |   Date October 30, 2021

Regardless of whether you’re rocking a tote, a shopping bag, a carryall or a mini clutch, there are certain things you simply need - things that your bag was born to hold.


By fear of being a little too stereotypical or old hat with this article, we’re going to suggest some things that you might not expect as well as your classic (and a little too obvious) bag accessories and items. 


Without further ado…



1: Phone


Ta-da! Originality at its best...but in all sincerity, phones are probably the most important component of any bag now, so important that they have their own slots and compartments. 


In fact, some bags are now designed around the phone...they’re literally called ‘phone bags’ and are as big (or small) to fit in a phone and...not a lot else really. 


Whilst we’re on the topic of phones, don’t forget phone chargers. They come in all sizes from credit card-sized mini power banks to gargantuan power banks that can charge any array of devices that you are so inclined to carry. 


If you have a phone bag then this article ends here. If not, then carry on!


2: Lip Balm 

Being without lip balm when you need it is pretty awful, mainly because when you’re digging through your bag for lip balm then you do really need it.



As such, put a couple in your bag, in different compartments. 



3: Waterproof Inner


There are bags we don’t mind getting wet and bags we do mind getting wet. In both situations, a waterproof liner is the only way to prevent water from having an even worse impact on your day by saturating the contents of your bag. 


Waterproof inners take a few different forms from waterproof makeup bag-esque type bags to liners you disperse throughout the walls of your bag’s main compartment. Not only do they prevent moisture from penetrating inwards, but they also escape anything from leaking outside of your bag and onto its exterior fabric or worse, your clothes. 


Whilst we're on the subject, take a look at this guide on how to look after your handbag. 



4: Apple AirTag


Apple AirTags are probably the cheapest Apple device you can buy. These nifty tags are about the size of a button and can be attached or inserted to/into pretty much anything. They’re tracking devices that run on Bluetooth 5.0 and have a max effective range of around 100 metres or so. 



You can drop one in your bag and track it in case something happens, or if you simply can’t find your bag amongst your stuff either at home or somewhere else. 



5: Theragun Mini 


The Theragun Mini is a compact bag-sized massage device that you can carry with you wherever. It emits high RPM vibrations which pulse through its massage ball, providing a targeted soft tissue massage for your neck, legs, arms, shoulders, back or anywhere else that aches. Perfect for commuting, travelling and working. 




6: Make-Up 


Now for something much less original; your makeup. It’s a bit of a no-brainer really, so we won’t give it more coverage than necessary. Good-quality makeup bags prevent catastrophic spillage and leakage!



7: Smart Water Bottles


Smart water bottles take the most essential thing in the world and make it a little more fun and interactive, because why not?



Some glow to indicate when you should drink to stay hydrated - is it a gimic? Well, sort of, but it's a pretty cool one that doesn't cost the earth and will definitely benefit stingy water drinkers. 



8: Chewing Gums and Mints


Remedying dry mouth with chewing gum and mints is a surefire way to freshen up for when you need to. Not everyone likes chewing gum but it has its uses, whereas mints are a reliable way to clear the throat and freshen breath. 



9: Reusable Notepad 


Reusable notebooks are very cool, you write on them with special whiteboard pens and then scan the notes into your phone which forms the digital version of the notebook. Once finished, wipe the notebook clean and your notes remain on your phone.


The smartphone app even recognises text and allows you to search your notes like you would a digital document. An awesome modern addition to the modern discerning handbag. 



10: Kodak Printomatic 


The Kodak Printomatic is similar to the famous Polaroid camera that has surged back into trend in recent years. This slightly more compact and conventionally shaped and sized version will slot right into pretty much any bag and is excellent for everything from tourism and travelling to parties, outings, gigs and events. 




11: Plasters and Blister Plasters


Blisters can strike right out of the blue, especially if you’re not used to your current shoes or are walking a particularly long distance even in shoes you are comfortable in. Blister plasters are a superb near-enough instant fix, so make sure you slot a few into your bag along with other medication. 



12: Back-Up Snack 


If you’re ever caught off guard some place some time without any food whatsoever, remembering you have a backup snack hidden in your bag is a real relief. Choose something which stays edible for near enough forever, like a protein or cereal bar. 



13: Pen and Pencils


Carrying pens and pencils avoids annoying situations where you need to write something down on paper and can’t use your phone, e.g. passing on directions or contact details to others. Also essential if you’re partial to a bit of drawing. 



14: Defence Spray and Personal Attack Alarm


There are few defence sprays that are legal in the UK at least. Pepper spray is certainly not legal, but some, like this UV marking spray, are a legally permitted deterrent that can be used to deter a would-be attacker. 


Attack alarms are also super cheap and easy to use, slipping into an accessible pocket in your bag. 



15: Hand Sanitiser


Another no-brainer in this current climate, but natural hand sanitisers like this lavender hand sanitiser also smell great and can be used to deodorise the bag itself. 




16: Hair Ties/Scrunchies 


Anything that can be used to tie long hair up is a vital bag component. Cheap, small and inarguably useful in many situations. 



17: Manicure Kits 


Manicure kits are crucial for those who need to keep their nails in good order, but they can also be useful for cutting loose threads from clothing to prevent further snagging. 



Summary: 17 Things You Should Always Keep in Your Bag


Bags are for the people - this list of 17 things to keep in your bag applies to anyone and everyone. Of course, some are a little leftfield, but it just goes to show that the modern handbag is home to much more than just phones, makeup, purses and an array of bits and pieces!