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The Best Of Summer The 2022 Wardrobe: 5 Top Picks

By Gorjus London   |   Date January 31, 2022

Summer 2022 is already in the pipeline. It might be cold now, but the sun is already starting to shine and the nights are drawing out. 


Trying to predict summer trends in the winter prior is somewhat of a game in the fashion world. Around wintertime, every year, all the major publications start to post articles on what they think the summer will bring for the fashion world. 


For most of us, choosing summer styles revolves around choosing evergreen outfits that will look great every year, and combining those with some newer ‘trendy’ pieces. 


This article will explore the top 5 summer wardrobe picks for 2022. 


Let’s go!

1: Radical Prints

Summer fashion gets bolder and crazier every year. It’s become a race to get clothes with the craziest, boldest and most radical prints and designs. We’re starting to see bright, tie-dyed leggings such as those below:



Leopard prints are also as trendy as ever and look superb for smarter summer occasions:



This bright red summer dress with an oversized belt also looks great and has a somewhat Spanish or Latin vibe going for it:



Bright graphic print t-shirts are also exceptionally trendy right now, we love this t-shirt and bold print leggings combo, with orange mid-top trainers to match:



2: Hippy and Bohemian Vibes

The last few years have seen the rise of hippy and bohemian fashion trends. If you don't believe us, just head to any festival and check out what people are wearing! Bohemian and hippy fashion revolves around natural materials, natural and bright colours and big accessories. 


Feathery designs and bold print drop t-shirts and shirts look great. You don’t need to have your hair in dreadlocks either - just add some beads or funky highlights. 



Our flower power bag is the perfect practical bag for any Bohemian or hippy-esque outfit:



3: Back to the 90s

90s fashion, dictated by baggy and oven understated or modest-looking clothes is back. Understated, washed-out denim and faded tops combine with some bold prints and classic sports brands to bring those summery retro vibes back to the streets. 


See these fleece, washed-out denim jackets below, combined with some retro sports clothing:



4: Sliders

Sliders were incredibly popular in 2021 and they’re only set to take over the streets again in the summer of 2022. Sliders are comfy and look great and all the big brands offer them these days. 


Whilst sliders are pretty much backless sandals, they’re generally comfier to wear throughout the day, so long as you aren’t walking miles. Also, sliders tend to just have one single strap which goes over the foot, rather than straps that go between the toes. 


Also, socks and sandals have become one of those fashion trends which has become popular solely because it was considered ‘wrong’ or a ‘faux pas’. There’s nothing wrong with it anymore - people did it just to be rebels and it’s stuck!



5: Summer Smart Casual 

Smart casual and formal wear is somewhat blending into one. It’s now trendy to look very smart pretty much all of the time, even in summer. Summer smart casual relies on clean-cut, high-quality fabric tops and shirts and midi or maxi dresses.


Shirt dresses are forever in fashion, but choose cleaner lines and fewer details if you’re aiming for a minimalist smart casual look. Who What Wear says the oversized blazer is set to be one of the most popular summer jackets this year. 


For smarter clothing that isn’t tops and trousers, opt for a flowing maxi dress. They’re superb in summer and there are plenty of smarter and snazzier options available. Check out this summery elegant maxi dress:


Summary: The Best Of Summer 2022 Wardrobe: 5 Top Picks

Summer 2022 is en route! 


Get ready by equipping yourself with these top 5 summer fashion picks. Don’t get obsessed with predicting what’s going to happen - summer is for enjoying, not for stressing over whether you’ve got all the right outfits (it happens, though).