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How Can I Look More Fashionable?

By Gorjus London   |   Date June 03, 2021

Ain't that the million-dollar (or pound) question?!


It’s a tricky one too - fashion is not a subject of one-word answers! 


Fashion is often elaborate, sometimes minimalist, sometimes bold and hot, other times quiet and cool. 


From bright colours to earth tones and monochrome, the whole point of fashion is that the rules are there to be bent, twisted, broken, shaped and manipulated to bring out the best of you, your personality and body type. 


The ultimate goal of fashion? To make you feel confident, beautiful and proud.


Here are Gorjus London’s top tips on how to look more fashionable!

Everyday Fashion Tips

Firstly, we’re going to concentrate on everyday fashion tips to look more fashionable in your everyday life. 


After all, fashion doesn’t revolve around special events, parties, holidays, etc. We often need a confidence boost in our everyday life - being fashionable can bring out the best parts of our personality and body type, allowing us to flaunt who we really are. That’s what it’s all about!


When you get up in the morning, think about your plans for the day:

Going to Work

Work fashion might be completely formalised or you might have more options for casual dress. 


We’re not going to lecture you on what you should and shouldn’t wear to work to look fashionable if you really just need to be comfortable - that’s absolutely fine! 


With that said, you might really feel like your fashion gives you a much-needed confidence boost at work, and that can really matter. 



In fact, there is real scientific clout to the well-known phrase ‘dress for success’, with psychology studies showing that looking on point for work can vastly boost performance and wellbeing. 


Here are our top tips for looking fashionable at work:


One plain black, beige, white or cream jacket usually does the trick. Trench coats have an unbeatably smart aesthetic for winter and autumn and can easily cover a suit jacket whilst looking great with smart trousers. 


  • WhoWhatWear recommends stocking up on soft shirts and shirt dresses with high necklines. Long skirts are perfect for warmer days.
  • Mules, loafers and pumps are all as versatile and comfortable as you need for work, especially if you’re spending too long on your legs to make larger heels a comfortable option. 
  • Keep colours smooth and continuous. Monochrome outfits are very typical of work clothing but colour usage is great too, especially on warmer summer days - dressing for the weather is very important and goes a long way to boost your confidence. 
  • Accessories, as always, are extremely important. Herringbone bags like Gorjus London’s sublime and affordable Herringbone range are effortlessly classy. Our colourful accent purses and bags can lift any monochrome or darker formal outfit without breaking the unity or continuity of formal fashion. 
  • If you work from home then check out our post on how to dress for working from home - you’ll be surprised about what you can do to boost your WFH productivity using your outfit. 


Shopping and Days Out


Next up, we’re going to cover fashion tips for shopping and days out in the daytime. 


Whether you’re pottering around your village, town or city, dressing for the occasion can make you feel confident, keeping your eyes on the prize or task at hand. 


Of course, fashion choices for days out really depend on your mission for the day. Some of us might ponder outfits for even going to the local shop, especially if we’ve not gone out much lately! Others might just dash out in their tracksuit bottoms, leggings or even dressing gown!


If your day out is a bit more involved, maybe a shopping trip to the town or city centre, whether that’s London, Manchester, Birmingham, Southampton or wherever you are, then you’ll want to dress up a little more. 



Here are our top tips for dressing up for days out:


  • Footwear is everything. Keep it comfortable with trendy trainers. It’s easy to combine proper foot and ankle support with fashion when brands like Nike Air, New Balance and Adidas are so hotly in-trend. Trainers are suitable all year round and suit a vast array of outfits from cool and comfy to a little more high-brow. 
  • The jeans + classic outfit is a day out staple. WhoWhatWear recommends wearing high waist jeans with a classic loose white t-shirt for a superb spring/summer casual look. Timeless!
  • Go jazzy with colourful shirts combined with trousers, midi skirts or shorts. Colourful prints are thoroughly in-trend year after year. Colour never dies - take advantage of it to give your days out outfits some pop and charisma!
  • Layer up and mix textures, that’s the advice from Cosmopolitan. Layers can really add a fashionista touch to an outfit. Mixing textures is a bold decision but creates some attitude. 


Weekends and Going ‘Out Out’ 


If you’re not going out but out-out, then you’ll want to step things up a bit!


There comes a time of the year where panic sets in that we aren’t equipped and ready to go properly out, whether that’s clubbing or gigging at the weekend, to cocktail bars, pubs and restaurants or other events and parties. 


Partywear definitely depends on the event in question. Eveningwear is a whole fashion area in itself, dominated by cocktail dresses and other classy outfits. When it comes to eveningwear, a good deal of the ‘fashion’ is in jewellery and accessories. 


Check out our post on the types of fashion accessories for ideas on how to juice up, restock and revamp your accessories collections. 


Chandelier earrings, bold statement rings, thick bangles and long, thick necklaces are all hot for evening wear. You’d be amazed by how a clean, minimalist dress is absolutely transformed by accessories and shoes. 



For more casual settings, pairing a blazer with a graphic t-shirt and trousers is a superb classy-but-casual look. It’s trendy to wear jackets on the shoulders now too, as is wearing a bag across the front of your body. 


Here are our tips for weekend fashion: 


  • Step up the class and sass with bolder choices. Replace smaller earring studs with more dangly earrings. Swap out casual shoes for smarter choices. Get out your blazers and smart jackets - pair them with casual t-shirts for a dynamic smart-yet-casual weekend look. 
  • Accessorise to the max. More is more right now, so don’t feel afraid of laying up jewellery for the weekend. Bags and purses are super important, our Leaf Collections can add some interest to any smart weekend outfit for cocktail partying or bottomless brunches. 
  • Check and double-check your colour coordination. Contrasting colours (e.g. blue with red) can work but you’ve got to tread carefully. Bright colours are excellent for summer days out. 


Top Fashion Tips For All Year Round

So what are some evergreen tips for staying fashionable all year round? Whenever you want to look fashionable, you can look fashionable! 

Own a Statement Piece

Statement pieces include your big name brands with logos splattered all over them unashamedly. 


This may or may not be to your taste, but either way, you really don’t need a wardrobe rammed with big brands to take advantage of big brand style. 


Some classics are the legendary Chanel belt and practically anything with the LV Monogram logos on them.


Choose Unique Colours


When we think of colour, we think of our standard reds, blues, yellows and greens, as well as shades of grey, white and black. But, there are way more colours than that. In fact, there are thousands of special and unique colours - you can explore them with the Pantone colour finder. 



Locating special hues like Classic Blue, Sea Pink and Limpet Shell below are all less than ordinary. Finding clothes in these unique colours might seem difficult, but once you know what you’re looking for, you’ll become an expert at hunting down outfits that prompt people to say ‘ooh what a lovely colour!’ 


Accessorise, Accessorise, Accessorise! 


We can’t stress this enough - accessories to the max for a more fashionable look!


Check out our guide on fashion accessories for more - there are tons of unique and original ideas here. 


Even the most seemingly dull and basic outfits are totally transformed by accessories. Match darker outfits with colourful accessories to add some impact. Choose matching accessories when wearing a monochromatic outfit, or contrasting accessories if you want to be seen loud and clear. 


Choose Hats


Hats can top a tail and an outfit alongside your shoes. 


Hats ranging from boaters to bowlers, baseball caps to beanies and more can all level up an outfit. Whilst hats might seem a little costume-y, that’s kind of the point. They can frame your face, adding some charisma to an outfit. Of course, they also serve a practical purpose in shielding your head, hair and face from the elements!


Focus on Footwear


They say that our shoes are the first thing people look at after our face. 


Regardless of whether or not that is true, footwear is crucial to any outfit. There are just so many options, ranging from classic retro trainers to platform trainers ‘creepers’, Doc Martens and other military-style boots, heels, pumps and more. 



We’re all probably familiar with the main brands - they do a stellar job of keeping up with the trends (that’s their job, after all), so sometimes you just need to follow the latest and greatest in footwear. 


That said, footwear fashion isn’t an area where something tends to go definitively out-of-trend (even Crocs have had their place in fashion design!) Classics from ugg-style boots to knee-high boots, gladiator sandals and retro trainers remain in-trend. 


Moreover, according to Cosmo, wearing the ‘wrong’ footwear for the outfit is also in-trend. 


It seems like you can’t go wrong when it comes to footwear these days - go mad if that’s what floats your boat!

Top 10 Clothes to Make You Look More Fashionable 

Semi-Sheer Blouses


Semi-transparent blouses are certainly in trend right now and are excellent for summer or hot weather. 


Animal Prints and Camouflage


Animal prints and camouflage clothing are thoroughly in trend. Camo jackets look great with jeans, trousers or shorts. Leopard print tops are a trendy classic. 


Straight Jeans


Straight jeans by brands like Reformation are thoroughly modern. They look great with all sorts of clothes, are comfortable, excellent quality and shape your legs and bottom. 


Funky Striped Jumpers


The striped jumper is a staple classic, but there are tons of funky striped jumpers with superb colours and relaxed off-shoulder fits. A modern take on a classic garment!


Velvet Sweatpants


Want to look casual but well-dressed? Velvet sweatpants are an excellent option. They look and feel gorgeous - what more can you ask for?


Chunky Knits


The chunkier the knit, the more stylish it is! Chunky knits look great with pretty much anything. Chunky jumpers combined with shorts are great for autumn. Knitted dresses look superb when paired with boots. 


Floral Midi Dress


Floral midi dresses are a spring/summer classic that suits every body type and style. They’re simple to execute, comfy and easy to rock. 


Faux-Leather Leggings


A fashionable classic that looks awesome coupled with smart or casual outfits. Faux-leather leggings are much more comfortable than they look, which is excellent quality for all-day wearability. 


Ribbed Open-Front Cardigans


Cardigans are warm, snuggly and stylish - a trio of sublime qualities! Oversized options are thoroughly in-trend and can add a touch of comfort to any smart or classy outfit. 


Bloomsbury Leather Bags


Leather bags are timelessly fashionable and with loads of colours on offer, it’s easy to match them with any outfit. Gorjus London’s Bloomsbury Leather collection has lots of superb options!


Summary: How to Look More Fashionable?

It’s easier than you think - so relax!


Looking more fashionable means actively thinking about outfits as well as owning the pieces themselves. It’s abundantly obvious that you can be both comfortable and fashionable, though. 


Loose-fitting, oversized clothing is just as fashionable as skin-tight garments, and both can flatter the body. 


By adding some quality new pieces to your wardrobe and thinking forward about what you want to wear and why, you’ll become more fashionable, stylish and confident!