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How to Look Stylish Everyday

By Gorjus London   |   Date September 30, 2022

Picture the scene: you’ve just got up, you need to go out today. You’re tired, you can’t be bothered to sift through your wardrobe. But, you want to look stylish still - at least a bit! 


What do you do?!


Well, it always pays to have a few outfits ready for slinging on when you just want to look casual but stylish. It doesn’t matter about budget, lifestyle, body type or anything else. Feeling stylish but also comfortable is an amazing combination too. 


Looking stylish and feeling confident every time you want to, but without putting insane amounts of effort in, is a great approach. It’ll boost your confidence and help you power through the day! 

Stylish Casualwear

First off, let’s define ‘stylish every day’. Of course, that depends on what every day is to you. If you live in Monte Carlo, then stylish to you might be something rather high-end. But, for the most part, everyday stylishness blends style with casualwear. 


The aim is to be stylish and confident but also comfortable. Isn’t that the golden combo?


Moreover, looking stylish everyday depends on the season, weather and other factors. For example, comfort in summer is a lot different to comfort in winter (in the UK at least). So, it’s important to consider what blends comfort and everyday style while also considering the season and weather and the latest trends. 


Here’s how to do it: 

1: Comfort Is Style

These days, celebs rock around London and other big cities wearing tracksuit bottoms and fleece hoodies. Comfortable clothing has become more and more trendy. You can even buy tracksuit suits for men! 


So, it’s firstly important to chuck out the notion that comfortable clothing is inherently unstylish. 


However, that doesn’t mean throwing on plain black hoodies and trackies with some shoes (though that could work). Instead, it’s wise to pay attention to the details like colour coordination and accessories. These are the things that really transform an outfit from day-to-day comfort into something much more stylish.


Look at this young woman here. She’s rocking plain grey tracksuit bottoms with Nike shoes, but just by donning the sunglasses, she stands out - and the colourful shoes help. 



2: Keep Things Up-To-Date

Everyday style does need to be up-to-date and not dated. Clothes wear out, and while ripped jeans and other deliberately weathered clothing remain trendy, it’s a thin line to walk down. 


Shoddy or damaged clothes can easily move your stylish everyday look into the ‘just can’t be bothered’ category. There’s nothing strictly wrong with that, but it will take the gloss off your outfit if it’s totally dated. 


Comfortable, stylish clothes don’t have to be expensive at all, but fresh, bold and clean pieces work best. Even dark t-shirts, jeans and tracksuits lose their pigmentation and start to look faded after a while. 


Casual clothes look best when they’re in reasonably good condition.

3: Neutral Colours Are Timeless

If you want to create stylish everyday outfits, then look no further than neutral colours. In contrast, bright and powerful colours tend to move the outfit category away from everyday style.


Neutral colours look great regardless of the weather and season, and they don’t attract too much attention - which is perfect for everyday style. For example, if someone notices you, they might think, ‘they look great, I like that style’ or similar. But they’re not overly likely to notice you in the first place - it’s not that you’ll blend in a bad way - but that you won’t stand out in a bad way. 


Autumn and winter colours such as rich dark greens, beige and ‘camel colours’, greys and stoney earth tones work wonders. You can layer them up too. Look at this woman’s layered neutral colour outfit, complete with a warm looking coat and boots ready to rock the streets with everyday style. 



4: Create a Uniform

A uniform is something most people have already. It’s basically a go-to outfit that you can easily modify with simple swaps. Think of a work outfit with trousers and a shirt, but you have two or three different blazers or jackets, and various accessories and shoes to go with it. 


Uniforms are really useful for everyday style as you know they work and they really feel like you. Depending on your mood, and the weather, you can switch things up with different colour accents and accessories. 


See this below example of a great-looking casual setup with a simple white tee and jeans with a blue blazer for a bit of punch. While that might contradict the latter point about neutral colours, the colour usage here is very simple and straightforward, which keeps things fresh and stylish without overloading. 


5: Grab Some Upgrades

Most everyday outfits can benefit from a little variation. While people might not notice you wearing similar things, you’ll probably feel a bit same-y if you wear the same clothing every day. This applies to both day-to-day casualwear and workwear. 


Investing in some simple upgrades will do the trick. Accessories are a big one. Adding bags to outfits injects them with some style without needing to fiddle about with clothes too much. 


Gorjus London’s superb range of bags and purses can enhance any everyday outfit. 


Other than that, take a look at shoes and other accessories. If you can fit in some inexpensive upgrades, then go for it!

6: Black Has Your Back

Black clothes work for all styles. While hiding in black or overly dark clothes can work against you, equipping stylish black outfits with the right shoes and accessories is ideal for everyday style. 



Black makes colour accents stand out without needing to use too much colour. Use that to your advantage by adding subtle colours, whether it’s bright socks or a bright bag. This keeps things nice and comfortable while not completely blending in. 

Summary: How to Look Stylish Everyday

Style and comfort combine with these everyday styles that will get you rocking and rolling every day. You need to look more than half decent. 


It’s all about marrying style with something you enjoy wearing and feel good in. Don’t worry too much about sticking out from the crowd - everyday style is about feeling part of your environment and blending in without disappearing.