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Ultimate Guide To Microblading Brows

By Gorjus London   |   Date February 28, 2022

Microblading has been around for maybe 20 to 30 years or so, but has become a whole lot more popular in the past decade. Microblading is similar to tattooing in that it uses an ink gun to scratch small quantities of ink into the skin. However, unlike tattooing, microblading does not really pierce below superficial skin, which means it fades over the course of 12 to 36 months or so. 


Microblading is a specialist skill offered by those who are trained and experienced. Due to its semi-permanent nature, it needs to be right the first time. 


This is a guide to everything about microblading!

What Is Microblading?

Microblading uses a small tool with a needle to ‘scratch’ ink into the skin. For eyebrows, the goal is to create a semi-permanent eyebrow effect that boldens and shapes brows. Microblading creates a natural ‘fill’ for thin eyebrows, but it can also bolster the appearance of thicker eyebrows. 



Is Microblading Worth It?

Microblading is most advantageous for those with thinner brows that require more makeup work. If your brows look great most of the time, then it may not be necessary. That’s not to say that you need thin brows to benefit from microblading as it can vastly reduce the amount of time you spend on your eyebrows. 


Most people who try microblading report that it’s well worth it. The inks used for brow microblading look natural and are designed specifically for the eyebrows, and they also don’t change colour over time. Microblades fade over time, but should remain the same hue throughout rather than transitioning to a blue or brown colour. 


If you want your brows to look superb come rain or shine, or want to reduce the time and work you spend on maintaining your browns, microblading is worth it. Those with thinner brows will really benefit from microblading. For everyone else, microblading improves the overall thickness, tone and shape of the brows. 

Is Microblading the Same As Tattooing?

Microblading tools are not the same as a tattoo gun - they’re much smaller and doesn’t hurt nearly so much. The ink doesn’t penetrate to the same depth as a tattoo gun either, which means that microblading effects are not permanent. 


Contrastingly, tattooed brows are pretty much permanent. Moreover, microblading effects can be smaller and more subtle than tattooing, which is great for bolstering eyebrows while keeping the overall aesthetic nice and natural. 


The ink used in microblading is also different.For example, tattoo ink tends to go brownish or blueish over time, whereas microblading ink doesn’t change hue as it fades. 

Does Microblading Hurt?

Microblading does sometimes hurt a bit, but the pain is typically manageable. It can feel scratchy and uncomfortable, but here is no comparison to tattooing! If you’ve had a tattoo then don’t worry about microblading! If not, then don’t worry as many people experience very little pain at all. 

How Long Does Microblading Take?

The first session takes a couple of hours or so. This is because the beautician will need to check and assess your brows, talk to you about what you want, find the right shade and prepare your brows and face. After that, the actual microblading procedure takes less than an hour, usually around 30 minutes or so. So, even if it does feel scratchy and uncomfortable, you’ll only need to put up for it for half an hour!



Is Microblading Safe?

Today, microblading is very popular and there are many quality products available. As such, both the tools and the ink used to microblade brows are generally very safe. Strict protocols should be followed to avoid infection or contamination. Most beauticians take this very seriously and risk is incredibly low in countries like the UK. 


If you’re worried about allergies, you can do a patch test prior to microblading. If you have no history of skin allergies, having an allergic reaction to microblading ink is exceptionally rare. Ask your beautician if you are unsure. Some salons require a patch test 48 hours before the first treatment. 

How Long Does Microblading Last?

The longevity of microblading treatment depends on the inks used, their colour, and also environmental factors like sunshine and heat. At the very least, microblading treatments shouldn’t start to fade for 12 months. Touch-ups might be required after 6 months in some cases, but usually, it’s fine to leave them for 12 months or so. Inks have improved lately, so you might only need touch-ups every two years or so. 

Can Microblading Go Wrong?

Mistakes can be made, yes. Microblading is different for everyone, depending on the shape and texture of their brows. The microblading technician will need to follow the pattern of your natural brows, which might go in one direction or involve a more crisscrossing kind of effect.


"The most common mistake technicians make is not choosing the correct brow shapes for their clients," Nadia Afanaseva at Eye Design in New York City.


Experienced microblading technicians will rarely make mistakes. Do your research and choose a well-reviewed microblade technician. It might be worth paying a little more for a reputational microblade technician. 

How Much Does Microblading Cost?

Microblading is a specialist treatment and your first treatment will likely cost around £300 to £700. You can pay more at top salons. 


Once you’ve received your first treatment, touch-up sessions won’t cost more than around £50 to £100. You’ll need them every year or so. 


The cost of microblading should be offset against the cost of makeup and other brow treatments. Over time, it might even save you money, and it will certainly save you money!

Microblading Pros and Cons

The Pros of Microblading


1: Microblading Looks Great

Firstly, microblading looks superb and can bolster brows without the need for much makeup, or any at all. Since microblading treatment is long-lasting, you can depend on your brows looking great no matter what happens. 


2: Microblading Is Reliable

Compared to other brow treatments, microblading is reliable and produces results that mimic your natural brows. It doesn’t look fake or gimmicky and is designed to enhance what is already there rather than replace it. 


3: Microblading Enhances Eyebrow Shape

Microbladed brows are shaped to your chosen eyebrow shape, which you’ll discuss with the technician prior to treatment. 

4: Microblading Is Not Permanent 

While it is long-lasting, microblading is not permanent. If you want to opt for a different shape or hue, then you can after around 12 to 18 months. 


Cons of Microblading Brows


1: Microblading is Semi-Permanent 

Microbladed brows are long-lasting, so if something goes wrong, you’ll need to be patient to fix it. This is rare and small mistakes can be righted with makeup. 


2: Microblading Can Be Uncomfortable

Those with sensitive skin can report discomfort and pain. It’s not usually a major thing, but if you’re squeamish, then it’s a consideration.


3: Microblading is Expensive

The initial costs of quality treatment are probably around £300 at least. You can pay much more at expensive salons and beauticians. 

How To Fix Microblading Brows

Microblading is usually successful. If you’re not happy with your brows, it might not be the technician's fault. However, there are certain things you can do to fix your microblade brows after treatment: 


  • Give your skin a chance to heal. Your skin will likely be a bit sore post-treatment. Give your skin a chance to heal and let your brows grow out a bit. This might completely change your opinion. 
  • Experiment with makeup. The goal of microblading is to reduce the need for makeup. However, adding makeup or even eyebrow tints can help fix your brows if you’re not happy. 
  • Opt for microshading. Microshading can shade out your microblades. This might be costly but it can be worth it if you’re really not happy. Discuss your options with the technician. 
  • Wait until your brows fade. Luckily, microblading mistakes are uncommon. Since it’s semi-permanent, you won’t need to wait a lifetime to fix your brows or change your mind about whether microblading brows are even suitable for you. 


Do Your Research 

Microblading is popular now, so you’ll probably find loads of options when you look into getting it done. Do your research and make sure you’re paying for an experienced technician with a proven track record. If they have an Instagram account or portfolio of work, then look through that and find some styles you like. The more you familiarise yourself with what you want, the better. 


Summary: Guide To Microblading Brows


To summarise, microblading is a very popular way of improving eyebrow shape, weight and density. It’s costly, but it reduces the time and money you spend on makeup and other brow treatments. 


Microblading is usually successful, but if you’re not entirely happy then don’t panic! Microblading isn’t permanent, so you won’t be stuck with it forever. There are things you can do to enhance your microblade brows even if you’re not happy with them. 


All things considered, your treatment will go well and you’ll probably be happy with the results!