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What Is An Eyelash Tint?

By Gorjus London   |   Date November 30, 2021

Eyelash tints are clever but not rocket science. They’re kind of like dying hair roots, but for your eyelashes, and involve a semi-permanent dye, making people look like they’re wearing mascara without, well, wearing mascara.


Eyelash tints are often administered side-by-side with lash lifts, darkening your lashes and making them pop without mascara which means zero effort in achieving dark lashes that look awesome. Of course, eyelash tints also mean zero smudging and peace of mind that so long as the dye remains intact, your lashes look like you’ve paid attention to them when really, you simply haven’t!


What Are Eyelash Tints?

Simply put, eyelash tints are dyes that are applied to the eyelid and lash area. It’s quite similar to hair dye but is safer and less permanent. 

"A lash tint is a 15-minute procedure where semi-permanent dye is painted onto the eyelashes to make them appear thicker, darker and fuller," says Dr Karen Nipper, an ophthalmologist at ReFocus Eye Health in Connecticut.

From start to finish, you’re probably looking at more like 40-minutes, but still. 


Below is a before and after of someone with thin, light-coloured lashes getting a lash tint. 


Eyelash tints are great for most people who want to get a mascara effect without mascara, but it’s particularly effective for those with lighter colour lashes which become noticeably thicker and healthier looking with the treatment. 


How Long Does an Eyelash Tint Last?


Around 3 weeks to a month depending on things like the weather, your eyelashes, the dye, etc, etc. But mostly, the duration of an eyelash tint depends on how quickly your lashes grow and drop out (which happens often without us realising it!) You can prolong the treatment by avoiding scrubbing the face with harsh skincare. The sun will also speed up fading. 


Do I Need an Eyelash Tint?


Eyelash tints are particularly effective for those with lighter hair, but anyone can benefit. They save time, which is their primary benefit, but the effect can be superior to mascara and won’t smudge or anything like that. Lash lifts combined with eyelash tints work excellently for pretty much anyone and it makes sense to do both at the same time.


What Is the Process of Tinting Your Lashes Like?


It’s pretty easy. The beautician places a plastic shield across the face and then pretty much paints the lashes with the dye. Simple. After the treatment, it’s wise to avoid water around the eyes and excessive sweat for around 48 hours tops. Apart from that, there are usually no issues IF your skin doesn’t react to the dye. 



To prevent any (very rare) issues, a patch test is recommended. Those with sensitive skin, dry skin, allergies or other skin issues should take extra precautions. Bad reactions to other dyes is also a sign that a patch test is absolutely necessary. In fact, in any case, a patch test is always highly, highly recommended, and most salons will insist on it unless you absolutely know a brand is fine with your skin. 


Are Eyelash Tints Safe?


Generally, yes - they’re no less safe than any other dyes (and are formulated to be kinder to the skin). As always, though, there are always exceptions. This is why tinting eyelashes DIY is generally a poor idea unless you have beautician experience and know for sure that your eyes and lashes handle the dye.


Otherwise, seek professional help. Find a reputable salon with experts in eyelash tinting and other eyelash treatments.


Can You Wear Mascara After an Eyelash Tint?


Mascara can still be work with eyelash tints, but it somewhat defeats the object unless you need to top up the tint.


Will My Eyes Burn or Sting?


Possibly a little, yes. Some people describe it as a peppery sensation. It’s not a sign of danger. Once the dye has been administered, the beautician will wash the eyes out with a saline solution. 


What Kind of Dyes Are Used?


Most salons use natural dyes, many of which are vegetable-based. There will still be some chemicals to facilitate the dying process but they’re nothing near as potent as hair dyes. 


 Are Eyelash Tints Bad for Your Lashes?


Generally speaking, no. Eyelash tints are formulated to be gentle and are no less likely to harm lashes than most other eyelash products. 


How Much Does Lash Tinting Cost?


In the UK, you’re probably looking at £20 to £50 or upwards for high-end salons. 


Are Lash Tints Worth It?


Eyelash tints are excellent for those with lighter-coloured lashes as this is when they’ll have the most dramatic effect. Those with super-dark lashes might not notice so much of an effect unless combine with a lash lift. They do generally look great on anyone, though, and are often considered well worth the time and money - time and money which is saved by not having to worry about your lashes for the duration of the treatment.


How Often Can I Tint My Lashes?


Those who tint regularly often top up their lashes every 2 weeks or so but this isn’t always necessary. Once a month should suffice if you don’t mind using some mascara towards the end of the period. This depends on many things such as the weather, sweating, your skincare regime, the sun, etc. Many treatments will last up to 6 weeks. 


What Colour is Best for Eyelash Tint?


It depends on your hair colour, but you can have any colour if you want to! People have experimented with everything from blue lash tints to rainbow and bright green. One still outlandish but slightly more subtle option is a dark purple which works really well for people with dark lashes. Most people tend to match the colour of their mascara. You obviously don’t have to match your hair colour - people with lighter hair will obviously have to go for a darker colour than their hair. 



What Eyelash Tints Don’t Do


Eyelash tints don’t add any curls, volume or other special effects to the lash, they just tint it. They do darken and accentuate the brow - that’s what they’re meant to do. The effect is simple but effective - and that’s what it’s meant to be!


And that's about it - lash tints are well worth a go! They're superb for anyone that wants to forget about eye makeup for a bit whilst enjoying the fact their eyelashes are bolder and more defined. Add some colours if you want to really experiment - just make sure that you're sure or else you're stuck for a few weeks!