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What is the Latest Trend in Handbags?

By Gorjus London   |   Date November 01, 2021

Handbags fulfil the same purpose today as ever, with some minor alterations. 


One of the key differences is that modern handbags are designed to hold more items, making the carry-all an increasingly valid alternative over smaller handbag designs. Tech items are a major thing here as modern phones are not exactly compact and many bags will hold a tablet for good measure too. But, at the same time, the miniaturisation of bags is also hot - some mini bags are only big enough to hold a phone!


For the most part, though, handbags are the fashion staple that many people simply love to buy and invest in at all levels, from designer to high-street and from high-end to budget and affordable. 


This article will look at some of the latest trends in handbags from 2022 into the future!



1: Back to the Future


It wasn’t so long ago that LV incorporated some screens into their bags to create a sort of moving canvas. Of course, such concepts in fashion are likely to be polarising prompting many people to scratch their heads and ask “what’s the point?”


But, futuristic bags such as these geometric designs by Bao Bao Issey Miyake look quite sublime and blend well with modern or minimalist outfits that make good use of clean white, grey, black and earth tones. 



2: Recycled For the Win 


Recycled bags are making waves and for good reason. From recycled cloth to bottles and other materials, it’s now becoming easier to create durable, substantial, high-quality and great looking handbags from recyclable or reclaimed materials. 


These wonderful looking bags from Roka are made from 12 to 15 reclaimed bottles taken from beaches and are also made using sustainable manufacturing methods. 



3: Rucksacks Rock


Rucksacks are timeless, but rucksacks in mature colours are thoroughly in-trend for autumn/fall and winter ahead. The main benefit of a rucksack? You don’t have to carry it like a handbag. In a way, maybe they shouldn’t take their place on this list of handbag trends, but here they are.


Gorjus London’s classic leather rucksack is a practical staple with plenty of pockets and security access for carrying important documents, tablets or even laptops. It’s the perfect choice for modern professional wear or smart-casual outfits. 



4: Monograms


Monogram conjures up images of the LV classics which lead the way in monogram styling, which has essentially come to mean any repeatedly printed logos. In reality, though, many brands offer monogram styles, one of the more famous non-LV varieties being the famous Dior Book Tote. 


For those that like to own just one designer handbag and then an eclectic range of more wallet-friendly handbags, monogram designer bags are super-hot right now and will likely continue to be so for years to come. 



5: Nograms


Whilst logomania is always tempting to buy into, too many logos can really screw an outfit up and it’s not to everyone’s taste, especially when the bag itself is worth more than the rest of your outfit! 


No logo, clean and minimalist designs are a superb way to keep the focus on the outfit as a whole rather than just whacking on some generic clothes and grabbing your logo-heavy bag. 


Gorjus London’s bags keep things minimalist, chic and cool. Check out these leather tote bags and herringbone cross-body bags with multiple practical pockets to boot - absolutely spot-on for everyday use!



6: Tiny Clutches 


The Bottega Veneta ‘The Pouch’ made a real impact upon its release, not least because of its hefty price tag for a small clutch bag. But, trends are trends and the small clutch has continued to be one of the most popular types of bag ever since with many fashion houses bringing out their own often fascinating contenders. 


In fact, bags have become somewhat miniaturised as well as increasing in size at the other end of the spectrum. You’ve got the rather bulky LV Neverfull at one end of the spectrum and small clutch bags at the other. 



7: Phone Bags


More of the same theme here. Some of you may have noticed the new ‘phone bag’ trend emerging with one of the main entries being the Jacquemos La Chiquito, which is pretty much just big enough to fit in a phone and some cards or cash. 


Regardless of whether you think this is cute or pointless, it certainly shows how new bag designs are coming out all of the time and that there’s always a new way to squeeze in something a little new!



8: Pastel Colours 


Bright pastel colours were a lively trend throughout 2021 and remain an excellent choice for handbags that aim to bring some colour to an outfit. 


Pastel colours are great and we’ve written a blog that touches upon how to use them here. In a nutshell, though, most pastel colours work well together, which is one of their main advantages. Combining a pastel colour bag with a pastel outfit is a brilliant way to stack some colours without being too brazen or loud about it. 



9: Tweed and Stitch


Tweed and stitch bags are thoroughly in-trend according to The Editorialist, which is great news for Gorjus London’s tweed collection. Tweed has a wonderful texture that sits right with autumn/fall and winter wear. Be sure to check out our article on how to dress for autumn for inspiration there!




10: Budget Buys Never Die


Gorjus London is proud of the role we play in offering quality handbags and purses at affordable prices. Our bags and purses are lovingly crafted to remain humble to fashion classics and emerging trendsetters, and we offer something for everyone at all prices. 


Come and take a look at our excellent range of affordable handbags that suit every style for every occasion. 



Summary: What is the Latest Trend in Handbags?


As one might expect, trends in handbags are fast-moving and diverse, but most timeless styles are here to stay and aren't going anywhere in a hurry. 


This article provides lots of inspiration on trending handbag ideas - but remember - it's ultimately about what you're into and what makes you feel good!