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Purses and Wallets: What is New for 2022 and Beyond?

By Gorjus London   |   Date November 07, 2021

Purses and wallets do a very important thing...carrying money, cards and often some keepsake, photographs and documents too. 


They’re the one thing you don’t want to lose, the one thing you’ll probably carry with you wherever you go, no matter what. 


It’s pretty sensible, then, to actually talk about this typically understated accessory or piece of fashion attire. Purses, and indeed wallets, are too easy to overlook. Too easy to forget that they do have a style and format which matters. 


This is a guide to purses and wallets in 2022 and beyond! 


Wallets vs Purses


Wallets vs purses seems a gendered discussion, but the simple equation that men use wallets whereas women use purses is pretty much defunct in our modern era. 


In terms of actual build and format, wallets and purses are very similar indeed. Wallets are classically square in shape whereas purses are classically rectangular, which is one key difference between wallets and purses. There are lots of rectangular wallets around these days too, though, but purses are more rectangular.


The exterior is perhaps the main difference with wallets coming in traditionally masculine, darker colours and dark leather and purses coming in lighter colours. Purses can also be dark, though. 


Basically, it’s a pointless discussion. Purses vs wallets - they’re all just things you keep your money and cards in. 

Are Purses Fashionable? 


Absolutely. Purses have been fashionable for centuries and they’re very tough to replace. Today, we have a vast selection of things to choose from when storing our cards and money, especially if you’re pretty much cashless and use Google or Apple Pay. 


Nevertheless, what about your other cards, whether loyalty cards, IDs and driving licenses, train tickets, etc? The purse or wallet is unbeatable, otherwise, you inevitably end up faffing about with everything in different pockets, also increasing the odds of losing something. 


Purses are probably one of the most universally owned and used fashion accessories on the planet and with good reason. Even though cards, money, etc, are going digital, this is not a great reason to ditch the purse. 


Modern Purse Trends


We’ve created this article on the hottest trends in handbag design, so let’s take a look at purses specifically. 


Of course, there’s tons of overlap between bags and purses, but usually, people carry both a bag AND a purse. Otherwise, your cards, notes and coins are just jingling about. And then, what if you want to plonk your bag down and just carry your purse briefly? 


Even so, one of the main trends in purses is the miniaturisation of the bag and the purse. Bags are becoming smaller, slimmer and tinier in every way, shrinking to a size where they’re not really a bag at all. The Jacquemus Le Chiquito is the prime example of where a bag meets a purse. As you can see, they’re tiny - and exquisitely made - but, whether or not they solve the practical goals of a bag OR a purse is a different matter entirely!



This Christine Dior mini bowler bag is another take on the miniaturisation of the bag - or the fusion of bags and purses into one. 



Lovely in Lace

Lace purses are lovely, classic designs that have sprung into fashion lately. They can be as delicate as you like, oozing class and sophistication. They’d certainly need to be partnered with the right bag and outfit, however. 



Wallets for Women


Wallets have always been conventionally masculine, but there are no lines here anymore. LV’s purses and wallets have long had unisex appeal, for example, and now, women can choose either purses or wallets - as can all other genders for that matter. 

The Types of Purses

Purses come in different shapes, sizes, designs and closures. The classic front-flap over purse is probably the most popular purse design overall. 


Below is Gorjus London's wonderful turquoise-blue classic front-flap over purse. 


Loop closures or button closures are other choices that can save a tiny bit of space. 

Check out Gorjus London's superb red loop-over leather purse below. 



Another popular purse design is the zip-up purse - dependable and reliable. See our orange zip-up purse below:


Gorjus London's purse range contains heaps of lovely, classic and modern purse designs in a multitude of different colours. Check them out!


The Future of Purse Design


Purses are a classic fashion accessory that will continue to hold their own for years to come. 


Sure, bags have become smaller, essentially blurring the lines between bags and purses - a small bag can do both, right?


But, most of the time, it's wise to have both a bag and a purse. Most people still roll with this setup - that's for sure!


By and large, when it comes to choosing a purse, choose something functional in a colour that matches your bag and outfit. Purses are simple, but they need to be reliable and strong, so look for decent synthetic materials and leather.