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Spring Fashion Colours For 2022

By Gorjus London   |   Date November 29, 2021

Spring 2022 is not too far away. Fashion trends for spring 2022 are also very much in the pipeline. Here, we’ll be looking at some fabulous examples of colour usage for the impending spring season. 


Colours are an excellent way to envision your future outfits. There’s no doubt that colour coordination is one of the most important aspects of fashion, and each season has its own defined colourways that look great.


We’ve already covered some of the best winter colours for 2021 and 2022. We’ve also taken a look at some of the best colour combinations for 2021 and 2022, including some very interesting colours like Classic Blue and Daredevil that have been making the headlines in the design industry. 


Here, we’ll be looking at spring colours for 2022. Bear in mind that these colour combinations apply to both fashion and other arts, such as interior design. 


Let’s go!

1: All the Blues, and Some Purple 

Spring colours for 2022


Blues continue to rock the design world, particularly rather unique blues like Classic Blue which was Pantone’s Colour of the Year in 2020. Whilst our simple square colour samples might look like Battenburg cakes, you’re obviously welcome to take 2 or 3 colours from them rather than all 4. Most outfits probably contain 3 main colours, whilst accessories and the like tend to be accents rather than main colours. 


Sumptuous blues are great early spring colours when it’s still cold. The deep blue sky combined with cold mornings and nights work very well with darker, more luxurious colours, but purple tends to warm things up. An all-blue light coloured outfit can look very cold in cold weather. 


  • Keep main blues deep and dark 
  • Light accents
  • Purple warms things up 


2: Spring Greens

Spring colours for 2022


Spring is a beautiful green time of year, and much of spring fashion aligns with this fresh feeling. Green is the colour of nature and spring is a season where nature really springs forward. Fresh pastures, warmer breezes, the sign of lambs grazing the field...these call for green outfits. 


Here, we have a fresh green palette with white. The more lime green looks great on jackets and coats, or a blazer if you need to be a little more distinguished. This is a fresh, spring-like take on those classic (almost stereotypical) country outfits with green shooting coats and white trousers. 


  • Lime green is super fresh 
  • Balanced with lighter greens 
  • White balances things out further 


3: Spring Earth Tones

Spring colours for 2022


Spring has its own style of earth tones. Earth tones look great all year round really, but spring can still be quite a gritty and earthy month if the weather isn’t brilliant. On harsher days, earth tones can warm you up inside. The dark green and somewhat pale pink/flesh colour here is natural but sincere, balanced out by grey which suits pretty much any coat, jacket or trousers.


These tones have almost an agricultural feel, great for countryside fashion, muddy walks and drab spring weather (touch wood we don’t get too much of it). 


  • Sincere tones for country living
  • Sophisticated and mature
  • Greys add modernity


4: Complementary Colour Power

Spring colours for 2022


Blue and red work together much better than people tend to think, but it’s obviously a loud and powerful combination. Combined with black, red and blue become a little more smart and sincere. This colour combination is age-old and has featured widely amongst top fashion publications for many years. Red is the perfect colour for an oversized hoodie, blue looks great in leggings for a spring sports look. 


The main thing to remember when rocking blue and red fashion is to not be afraid of the clash. There’s a lot of harmony there, hence why the colour combination is so popular in maximalist interior design. 


  • Red and blue punch through any weather 
  • Red tops, blue bottoms tend to work best 
  • Don’t be afraid!


5: Steel and Teal 

Spring colours for 2022


Teal is a sumptuous and elegant colour. Teal combined with greys and very light blues or greens is very posh, for want of a better word. The combination is spring-like in its indulgence of greens whilst remaining powerful and rather high-end. It’s worth mentioning that grey can always slip into an outfit (same as any monochrome clothing really). 


Teal is an incredible colour for outerwear. Be on the lookout for a teal trench coat - pair that with some black or grey trousers, tights or leggings for pure spring fashion luxury. 


  • Modern and cool
  • Perfect for bright days
  • Great with outerwear


6: Spring Yellows 

Spring colours for 2022


Yellow, for many, is a hit or miss colour. Some people love it whereas others find it impossible to work with. It’s true that yellow is considered a challenging colour in design and art. In terms of spring fashion, yellow is a mirror of the warm sun and bright, sunny days, which is when it looks great as a colour.


Combine that with a fresh green for a super-spring-like palette. Balance out with greys or white. You might not need much yellow…we’re thinking green jackets with a yellow beret hat, for example, if you can visualise that. 


  • Yellow and light green works well if one takes control of the other 
  • Coats and jackets look superb in yellow
  • Focus on accents 


7: Sky Blue Thinking

Spring colours for 2022


Blue is one of those colours that, if it works for you, you wear all the time. Royal blues and other deep blues are such wonderful colours in any season, but spring welcomes blue tones, so long as they combine with some lighter colours to bring a little lift to the outfit. 


Once again, the primary colour here - blue - works best as the main outwear colour. Blue over grey, white or black always looks great. 


  • Deep blue outerwear always looks good
  • Warm things up with lighter colours 
  • Steely greys are very trendy right now


8: Spring Pinks

Spring colours for 2022


Pink, in some form, was always going to make the lineup. Spring pinks are quite fruity...almost juicy. They’re full of attitude and punch, evoking the return of outdoor events, fruit ciders and garden parties. Here, a couple of interesting pink tones combine with a watermelon colour and peachy pink. Peach is a wonderful spring colour, working well with practically any piece of clothing. 


The more reddy-pink here keeps things warm, but really, you can’t go too far wrong with juicy pinks in spring. 


  • Look for peach and watermelon tones
  • Red-pink always looks great 
  • Interesting pinks keep things fresh and sophisticated 


9: Heather Heaven

Spring colours for 2022


Heather is a wonderful all-year-round colour, but spring really brings out the best of heather and associated lilac tones. It’s super-fresh, calming, sophisticated, smart, whatever you want it to be.


Also, heather is quite a popular colour for clothes in general so you can likely find it in the shops. Once again, the primary colour of this palette, heather, probably looks best as outerwear. The light pinks look great too - it’ll work whichever way you want to spin it. 


  • Heather is fresh and sophisticated 
  • Great for coats and jackets
  • Shoes also look great in heather and pinks


10: Earthly Medley 

Spring colours for 2022


Last of all, we have an earthly palette with browns, red-browns and maroon-browns. Maroon and burgundy are also excellent. Earth colours are a sophisticated staple that looks a bit more expressive than monochrome. 


These earthly colours are rural and countrified, but have a smart edge to them that looks great in formalwear. The khaki green always works well with outerwear whereas the warmer browns and maroons work superbly with cardigans, jumpers and other knitwear. 


  • Khaki green outerwear is always superb for days outside in the country 
  • Maroons and burgundy make sumptuous knitwear
  • Dark earth colour trousers tie everything together 


Summary: Spring Fashion Colours For 2022


These spring fashion colours for 2022 and spring styles provide a solid starting point for your own ideas to blossom. 


Working out what colours you’re on the hunt for in shops, etc, allows you to create some fantastic colour-coordinated difference which is absolutely fundamental to looking and feeling great. 


Spring 2022 is a great time to experiment with some new colourways, whether you want to blossom in bright colours or stay cool, sleek and grey with steely and earthy tones.


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