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Spring Fashion Tips

By Gorjus London   |   Date March 31, 2021

Spring has sprung! 


For those of us that spend most of the winter waiting for sunny weather, spring brings brighter days - but the cold weather is not completely done yet. 


Spring fashion mirrors the transition of the seasons. It’s a versatile, flexible season; sunny and warm one day and cloudy, wet and cold the next - we all know what it’s like!


This introduces some pretty unique fashion challenges for spring. In winter, you really know what you’re getting for a good 3 - 4 months between November and February at least. But towards the end of March and into April, you could be stepping into different weather almost every day. 


Transitional Clothing 


Spring clothing is often called transitional clothing. The general idea is to create a wardrobe that will get you comfortably and stylishly from one season to the next. 


The spring transition involves a mixture of pretty much all weathers. The temperature can range from freezing to some 20 degrees!


Whilst we want to stroll out into the sun in style, let’s not forget that spring fashion is also transitional fashion.


That means practicality is very important - no outfit looks good when you’re soaked and freezing. 


Check out this cool simple puffer jacket:




The Jacket Dilemma 


The great spring jacket dilemma…


Early spring might as well be winter, it’s thick jacket central. Puffer coats, faux fur and other winter jackets are the go-to. Scarves, hats, gloves, you can’t really leave any of these things at home at first. 


But then, that day comes where you’re rocking your puffer jacket, the sun comes out, and the next thing you know everyone's out in shorts and t-shirts. Carrying that massive jacket probably feels pretty silly now!


Ok, it’s an extreme example, but still, it’s great to have some transitional jackets in your spring wardrobe. 


Transitional Jackets


Transitional jackets depart the thick and heavy winter styles and bring something lighter to the table. As long as the jacket is waterproof and windproof then it’s fine for colder spring nights, provided you can layer up. 


For layering, oversized or baggy waterproof coats can look great with boots and hats. Vogue says that trench coats are in serious trend right now and offer a great transitional combination of warmth and style. 


Here's a super-classy spring jacket:



Spring means colour, and colourful spring clothing is thoroughly in fashion too. Whacky floral and abstract-print raincoats can be slung on and packed away quickly. For something a bit more sincere, wool coats are an excellent warm alternative to trench coats and suit women with shorter bodies. 


Spring Dresses 


Maxi dresses are also effortlessly simple to layer with coats. The Every Girl recommends laying fleece maxi dresses with fluffy coats for a super-cosy yet flexible and transitional outfit. 


As far as prints and colours go, it’s all about bright colours and floral prints once again. Spring and floral prints just make sense on so many levels - you can’t stop something like that from going out of trend!


Shirt Dresses 


Glamour observed that 2020 saw the rise of the shirt dress as smart-casual looks dominated the high streets during the short periods of time we were allowed out and about. It makes sense - shirt dresses are a rare combination of semi-formal and casual clothing - perfect for lockdown life.


Here's a chic denim shirt dress for spring:



The shirt dress is obviously a classic, though, and for spring, they offer a superb way to look sophisticated but kitted out for all weathers. Neutral, fresh colours are very easy to combine with accents. Shirt dresses are also easy to layer with thick jackets and those neutral tones harmonise effortlessly. 


Is Spring Too Early for Sundresses?


It’s a tricky one! You almost certainly wouldn’t want to get caught out all day in a sundress until late April or May, but if by then the thermometers are topping 20 degrees then the sundress is pretty much a greenlight! 


Jeans For Every Season 


Jeans need no introduction - a true fashion staple. 


Spring is the perfect month to drag those cropped or low-rise jeans out of the drawer. Ripped jeans are also excellent - anything that lets that precious sunlight to your skin!


Seen in the City recommend white jeans for spring. White jeans are perfect for reflecting the glorious spring sunlight whilst also keeping your legs protected from that at-times bitter breeze. Light colours can put a spring in your step whilst longer lengths can keep you warm in early spring. 


As spring progresses, you might even dare to don some denim shorts and skirts!


Hats and Sunglasses


Spring can be a bit windy so wide-brimmed sun hats are probably best left alone for now. That said, the low lying sun in spring can be a real hassle and hats and sunglasses can make a big difference. 


Elle says that bucket hats are very in-trend right now and alongside baseball caps, they offer a solid combo of style and practicality. These sorts of hats work very well with transitional outfits and raincoats. They also help keep the sun out of your eyes and stop your hair from blowing everywhere like crazy!


Sunglasses are also super-useful in spring because of the shallow-angled sunlight. Late spring is the perfect time to audit your sunnies collection!


Leggings Never Die 


Spring leggings are lightweight and more colourful than their thicker winter counterparts, but truth be told, there’s no massive difference!


Vogue recommends adding some brighter shades of leggings to your spring wardrobe. Pistachio, sky blues and lemons are the colours of the season - as well as white. But, if you want to go more colourful then that’s also absolutely fine. 


Here are some excellent patterned leggings for those fresh spring days:



Colour Pop Accessories 


Spring’s blend of neutral, colourful and pastel tones can be combined with brighter, bolder accessories. Hot pink purses and floral print shopper bags can accent your outfits, breathing new life into your spring style. 


Here is one of Gorjus London's very own pink purses:


Vogue labelled neon as one of spring’s ‘most intimidating trends’, but honestly, so long as you keep your outfit neutral and your accessories punchy then you can’t really go wrong!




Your spring mojo will come naturally as the days get longer and warmer. 


A good blend of warmer, transitional clothing and summery numbers should do the trick just fine.


Be prepared for some scorchers by mid-May, but cool nights throughout. 


It's a tough month for fashion but with a few bits and pieces, you're well on your way to building the perfect transitional spring wardrobe!


Good luck!